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Privacy Policy

ResearchBox uses cookies to identify users, allowing them to be logged in.  Cookies are also used to store settings selected by users (e.g., in which order to present results on a table). Cookies are neither available not interpretable by third parties.  

No information collected on the server side (e.g., IP address, browsing behavior) is ever shared with third parties.

ResearchBox actively avoids relying on technology which would provide information to third parties (e.g., ResearchBox does not rely on Google Analytics or reCaptcha, Facebook identification services, etc.). ResearchBox does rely on Microsoft to render previews of Microsoft Office files (e.g., Excel files). The information received by Microsoft is restricted to what any online preview of an Office file involves, Microsoft does not receive any identifying information from ResearchBox about the file or the user (files are renamed with a random string before being sent to Microsoft).

ResearchBox is run by the Penn Wharton Credibility Lab, and so is The databases for both sites are integrated, any information collected by ResearchBox is accessible by AsPredicted, and vice versa.

Names and email addresses of authors who post content on ResearchBox will not be actively shared with third parties, including with meta-science researchers interested in researching how, what, or how is content shared. But, being a publicly accessible site, users who upload content should assume any information they upload and make permanent, including their name and identifying information, will be permanently available to anyone. We do not facilitate this information to others, but we do not take active steps to prevent third parties from collecting this public information on their own.