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Bingo Table - How files in ResearchBox are shown to readers
  1. Readers see every box presented in a Bingo Table
  2. Readers immediately know what is, and is not, available
  3. Readers immediately know what each file contains
  4. Authors can easily download Excel versions of Bingo Tables to include as tables in their papers.
  1. Readers can download an entire ResearchBox in one click.
  2. Or readers can easily select a subset of files to download.
  3. Files are downloaded in a well-organized zip file.
  4. The zip file includes a Table of Contents .csv file.
  1. Authors can import pre-registrations from AsPredicted.org (individually, or entire folder)
  2. Authors can make AsPredicted pre-registrations public from within ResearchBox.
  3. AsPredicted pre-registration .pdfs automatically update when made public.
  1. All datasets have fast previews (regardless of size)
  2. All datasets have codebooks
  3. Readers can easily find public datasets searching by variable names or descriptions
  1. Easily preview code with syntax highlighting.
  2. Public code files are easily searchable (e.g., find scripts using a particular function or library)
  3. Authors are alerted if their identity is revealed in their code (e.g., code starts with a comment where authors list their email address)
  4. Authors can edit their code directly in ResearchBox, without upload a new file
  1. As mentioned above, all datasets have a codebook.
  2. For easy codebook creation, all variable names are automatically imported from the dataset.
  3. For easy codebook creation, any variable descriptions are automatically imported as well.
  4. For easy codebook creation, there are three ways to add descriptions to variable names.
  5. For easy codebook creation, default variables in Qualtrics are automatically described (but can be overridden).
  6. When readers download a dataset, its codebook is downloaded too.
  1. Public boxes are saved in directly self-contained and easy-to-download zip files.
  2. Simple R script allows anyone to mirror entire collection of zipped files
  3. Zipped boxes saved to Internet Archive
Other Stuff
  1. Preview Microsoft Office files in original formatting
  2. Authors can write and edit at any time, even after the box is public, a “Dear Reader” message providing explanations, corrections, updates, links, etc.
  3. Authors have the (reversible) option to rename their files to match the Bingo Table with a single click.
  4. Readers can anonymously report any problems with a specific ResearchBox (e.g., a error in the code).”
  5. Authors may click a button to see a real-time public version of their ResearchBox.