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ResearchBox # 501 - 'Source Memory'

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Experiment 1

  Experiment 1 - AsPredicted 35665.pdf



  Experiment 1.csv

  Experiment 1.rmd

Experiment 2a

  Experiment 2a - AsPredicted 51191.pdf


  Experiment 2A Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment 2a.csv

  Experiment 2a.rmd

Experiment 2b

  Experiment 2b - AsPredicted 56449.pdf


  Experiment 2B Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment 2b.csv

  Experiment 2b.rmd

Experiment 2c

  Experiment 2c - AsPredicted 73218.pdf


  Experiment 2C Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment 2c.csv

  Experiment 2c.rmd

Experiment 3

  Experiment 3 - AsPredicted 76661.pdf


  Experiment 3 Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment 3.csv

  Experiment 3.rmd

Experiment 4

  Experiment 4 - AsPredicted 39370.pdf


  Experiment 4 Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment 4.csv

  Experiment 4.rmd

Experiment 5

  Experiment 5 - AsPredicted 82037.pdf


  Experiment 5 Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment 5.csv.zip

  Experiment 5.rmd

Experiment 6a

  Experiment 6a - AsPredicted 109237.pdf




  Experiment 6a.csv

  Experiment 6a.rmd

Experiment 6b

  Experiment 6b - AsPredicted 112459.pdf



  Experiment 6b.csv

  Experiment 6b.rmd

Experiment S1

  Experiment S1 - AsPredicted 41711.pdf


  Experiment S1 Stimuli.pdf


  Experiment S1.csv

  Experiment S1.rmd

Experiment S2

  Experiment S2 - AsPredicted 55368.pdf


  Experiment S2 Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment S2.csv

  Experiment S2.rmd

Experiment S3

  Experiment S3 - AsPredicted 74461.pdf


  Experiment S3 Stimuli and Pretest.pdf


  Experiment S3.csv

  Experiment S3.rmd

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