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1) Main Analysis

  DrivingdataAll with font.xlsx

  Colada 98 - Sign before after car insurance reanalysis 2021 07 14.R

  DrivingdataAll original from Dan to Nina.xlsx

  DrivingdataAll (1).xls

  DrivingdataAll with font.xlsm

2) Appendix

  Appendix 2 Cambria is Calibri plus Uniform.r

  Appendix 1 - Impossible similarity simulations.pdf

  Appendix 2 Cambria is Calibri plus Uniform.pdf

  Appendix 3 Facts to reverse engineer fakery.pdf

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Uri Simonsohn; Joe Simmons; Leif Nelson, 'Evidence of Fraud in an Influential Field Experiment About Dishonesty', Data Colada

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August 17, 2021   (files may not be changed, deleted, or added)

Uri Simonsohn (urisohn@gmail.com)
Joseph Simmons (jsimmo@upenn.edu)
Leif Nelson (leif_nelson@haas.berkeley.edu)

This post describes fraudulent data in Study 3 of Shu, Mazar, Gino, Ariely, and Bazerman (2012), published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.


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Dear Reader,


ResearchBox 336 contains four versions of the dataset with the fraudulent data.
The first three versions are saved as "Other" in the Bingo table. Below we briefly describe them:

1) "Data Ariely sent Mazar in 2011 (.xls)." This is the version of the file Dan Ariely sent to Nina Mazar via email, for her to analyze, and which already contains all the irregularities discussed in our post. It contains two errors that Nina fixed, creating an updated version of the file. This updated version is the one posted when Kristal et al. (2020) was published.

2) "Data analyzed in Shu et al. (.xls)". This is the corrected version mentioned above. This is the file that was used to produce the published results in Shu et al 2012

3) "Add font column (.xlsm)" This file is the same as (2) with an added column indicating which font appeared in the column reporting the baseline mileage of Car 1. Font was detected using a function created in VBA. In order to include that function we saved the file with the .xlsm extension.

The version saved as "Data" in our Bingo table is the one analyzed in the blogpost. It contains the same cell values as (2) & (3), but the names of the variables were changed.

The blogpost contains three appendices , two of them present additional analyses.
The code for Appendix 1 is included in the "Main Analysis" code.
The code for Appendix 2 is self-contained.

This version: August 17, 2021